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  • Regulatory compliance

    Helping you to comply with the latest FCA and PCI regulations


    Vital protection with encryption and comprehensive access controls

  • Quality control

    Evaluate the customer experience to help you improve

    Speech Analytics

    Powerful phonetic searching delivers a whole new level of insight

call recording

Call Recording

See how call recording can benefit you

Call recording is an essential part of any modern business where telecom plays a central role. Whether you need to be able to comply with industry regulations, or you just need simple tools to help you review customer interactions, our recording solutions can help.

Having a record of your communications can take the pain out of resolving disputes by keeping both parties informed of the facts.



Regulations surrounding certain industries mean that calls must be recorded in order for organisations to be legally compliant. In addition, any system that can store sensitive information needs to provide security to ensure access to data is restricted.

These requirements are the driving force behind many of the features of Call Recorder. Access control, auditing, digital signatures and data encryption will equip your business with the tools to comply with all applicable regulations including PCI & FCA.

If you take card payments through a browser-based system or Windows software, we can ensure that those details do not get recorded - protecting yourself and your customers.


Why choose us?

Xarios Call Recording has been developed by a dedicated team with years of experience working with Mitel products. This knowledge has been integral to creating a reliable product to integrate with MiVoice Office and MiVoice Business.

  • Cost-effective and scalable
    Cost-effective and scalable
  • Simple to use web-based interface
    Simple to use web-based interface
  • Score calls for training and compliance
    Score calls for training and compliance
  • Prevent card details from being recorded
    Prevent card details from being recorded
  • Mobile (Blackberry) recording
    Mobile recording
  • Seamless CRM integration
    Seamless CRM integration

  • Call logging

    Data is logged for all calls across your network, 24/7

    Intelligent routing

    Ensure calls reach the right people

  • Real-time stats

    See what's going on right now so you can quickly adapt to changes


    Detailed customisable reports

Mitel customer service manager

Call Reporting

The Reporter Pro module provides access to key statistics on call activity and agent performance. A plethora of flexible, customisable reports gives you the information you need to identify areas that need improving and helps you stay on track. Reporter Pro delivers many features.


Intelligent call routing

When your organisation handles large volumes of calls, you need to ensure your customers are getting through to the right people. The intelligent routing module helps you do this, by letting you define flexible rules based on real-time and historic data. For instance, you can route calls to the last person the caller was in contact with, or based on the skill-set of your available agents.

Effective call routing can dramatically cut down on call time and, crucially, provide a better experience for your customers.

  • Monitor staff performance in real-time
    Monitor staff performance in real-time
  • Forecasting statistics
    Forecasting statistics
  • Report on call costs and traffic patterns
    Report on call costs and traffic patterns
  • Audio & visual alarms
    Audio & visual alarms
  • Scheduled reporting
    Scheduled reporting

  • Click & dial

    Instantly dial numbers from web pages and other applications


    Easily see who’s available to take a call

  • Screen-popping

    Load your CRM contacts when calls arrive

    Call identification

    Differentiate between calls and prioritise important ones

Mitel Phone Manager

Phone Manager


Clear visibility of the status of other people within the organisation makes it much easier to find people to help with queries. Phone Manager displays the status of other users, endpoints and agents on your Mitel phone system as well as presenting preconfigured views based on departments and teams.


Call identification

Not every call a user takes will be about the same topic and in some circumstances you may want to prioritise certain calls over others. Phone Manager gives you this ability by clearly showing users the source of each call they take with a coloured title bar and caption. If required, the caption can be expanded to include more information about the call to enable them to answer it in a specific way.

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