SIP Trunking

Having a fast, flexible and quality network connection is a key necessity for businesses today

Sip trunking is the new way for making and receiving your business telephone calls. They give you the opportunity to grow your business and reach a wider range of customers while saving you money in the long run. It is no surprise that more and more British companies are adopting SIP Trunking. Sip trunks use a data connection instead of an ISDN or analogue line and therefore have many benefits that include;

Saving money – IP connections are cheaper, with no hidden costs. Sip trunks can offer a big saving  whilst still delivering great customer service and support.

Scalability and Flexibility – have multiple geographic numbers routed to one location, enabling you to have a local presence with your customers. Extremely easy to scale up or down depending on your business requirements.

Resilience – incredibly easy and instantaneous to move or divert fixed lines anywhere you want them to go, regardless of location, without any expensive call forwarding costs.

Can help you utilise your multi-site connections – the number of connections you need can be reduced, along with all associated maintenance costs.

  • Reduced costs - can grow with your business
    Saving money
  • Flexibility
  • Integrate with business applications
  • Quick and easy installation
    Multi-site connections
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