Business Mobiles

Here at Fusion, we have a wide selection of mobile handsets, tariffs and networks with packages to suit your business requirements.

At Fusion, we stock most brands of handsets that include Apple, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. All of our mobiles can be purchased outright or business leased *for a minimum of 24 months.

There are also many options to add on specific requirements for those businesses who travel abroad. We are very flexible and can design a plan that is suitable for your individual needs.

We offer a wide selection of tariffs, covering bundled and unlimited minutes, with or without data, from the 3 leading mobile operators.

If you have a phone system with Fusion, you can also make and receive calls through the same system on your mobile. We have the software to enable mobiles to work through the main phone system, enabling communication between your workforce and customers to be seamless, flexible and cost efficient. You have the flexibility of working from anywhere with the appearance that you are in the office.

To make things simple and easy to manage for you, we can provide one single bill for all of your Fusion services.




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